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2015 Robusto $65/Btl

Aromatics of black currant, black cherry, eucalyptus and cedar entice your senses. There are gripping tannins with hints of sage, clove, black cherry and caramel on the palate. Robusto was aged 24 months in Appalachian oak barrels. This is Creekside's 5th Robusto. Enjoy now or be rewarded with the wonderful complexities that develop with cellaring.

  Cab Franc      
2016 Cabernet Franc $45/Btl

All great wines are made in the vineyard. Franc is no exception. Our vineyard, The Vinelands, is producing exceptional Cabernet Franc grown in sandy loam soil, which stresses the vines to produce limited tonnage and small, intense berries. The 2012 Cabernet Franc was aged 24 months in Appalachian Oak barrels, imparting rich, complex flavors. The nose reveals blackberry, allspice, cocoa and clove with hints of cardamom and whole bean coffee. On the palate expect pralines and pecans followed by browned butter and black olives. The lingering, long finish reveals sweet butter, caramel and rich molasses. As this wine ages, it will reveal the classic Cabernet Franc characteristics of leather, tar and tobacco. This is Franc, Colorado's Cabernet.

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon $35/Btl

This Cabernet Sauvignon is pure finesse. The wine is rich and full with plenty of tannins. The herbaceous undertone, dark fruit and notes of toast linger on the finish. Aged 24 months in Appalachian oak barrels contributing spice, cedar and caramel flavors. Our winemaker's best Cabernet Sauvignon to date!

2013 Merlot $35/Btl

Our Merlot was aged in both French and American oak. Offering blackberries, black cherries, black tea, mushrooms and a hint of cocoa on the nose. It rewards you with pecans, cherry pie, roasted peaches, clove and butter-sauteed mushrooms on the palate. The mouth-watering finish leaves you craving more! Our winemaker will argue this is the best Merlot she has produced!
  Petite Sirah      
2013 Petite Sirah $40/Btl

DNA testing informs us that Petite Sirah is identical to the Rhone grape, Durif, and is the genetic offspring of true Syrah and Peloursin. Creekside's Petite Sirah is dark, jammy, robust, smoky and peppery, and packs plenty of tannins, giving it terrific aging potential. Aged 15 months in new French oak, pair this wine with pork, duck, venison, prosciutto, buffalo, soft cheeses and chili.
  Petite Sirah      
2015 Malbec $35/Btl

A generous nose best describes this Malbec. If you have the patience let it evolve and change in the glass. It is smooth and silky with a long finish. The palate reveals cassis with a hint of chocolate. The tannins are silky and linger on the finish.
2015 Syrah $32/Btl

Grown at The Vinelands, Creekside's vineyard in Palisade, Colorado, our Syrah's deep, dark color foreshadows its velvety sensuality on the palate. Expect notes of blackberry, plum and olive, with black pepper lingering on the finish. Aged for 15 months in new French oak, our Syrah pairs nicely with pheasant, quail and pork tenderloin.
  petit verdot      
2012 Petit Verdot $32/Btl

So much complexity for a lighter red, our Petit Verdot benefits from extended time in French oak barrels, tickling the nose with black pepper, tart cherry and raspberries, while tantalizing the palate with cola, cloves and pie cherries … and the faintest whisper of wood smoke. An excellent red alternative for dishes often served with white wines.
Rosso $30/Btl

Rosso abounds with black cherries, elderberries and toasty oak. Our current batch, a Bordeaux and Rhone blend, aged in ½ new French oak and ½ new American oak, presents the subtle yet distinct undertone of a cigar box. Rosso pairs nicely with pizza and pasta, but also enhances thick, tender pork chops and grilled salmon.
2016 Viognier $30/Btl

This low-yielding Rhone varietal displays vibrant floral qualities and a bouquet of peaches, pineapple and apricots, along with a crisp minerality. The peaches and pineapple are joined on the palate by Clementine oranges and honeydew melon. Pair Viognier with shellfish, white fish, or poultry that is not aggressively spiced.
2016 Roussanne $32/Btl

Roussanne is a late ripening variety that produces powerful white wines. It features scents of peaches, pears, herbs and roasted nuts. On the palate expect lemon curd, peaches, and a rich, silky texture. Red wine only drinkers will enjoy this exotic, complex wine.
2015 Chardonnay $28/Btl

Creekside's Chardonnay was aged 6 months in 40% new French oak and displays tropical melon, pineapple and a hint of citrus on the nose. The palate reveals lemon & lime with bright acidity and just a touch of toasty oak.
2016 Riesling $20/Btl

Presenting a flower-scented and delicate but complex nose, our Riesling is off-dry and retains both a pleasant acidity and higher sugar levels than any of our wines not intended for dessert. Its palate is spicy and expressive, reminiscent of pears and apples, with a pleasant, lingering finish.

2018 Bianco $30/Btl

The 2018 Bianco is produced from 100% Pinot Gris grapes grown in Colorado's Grand Valley. The nose is powerful and the mouthfeel is round and robust. Look for citrus and clover honey on the nose and palate. The finish is dry and clean with notes of rose pepper. This wine will sell out quick! Only 70 cases produced.
Moscato d'Amburgo $20/Btl

Creekside's Moscato d'Amburgo (Black Muscat) is redolent with butterscotch, bing cherry ice cream and roses, offering the tongue roasted apricots, pralines, roses and sweet cream butter. Why wait until Valentine's Day?
  mosc arancio      
Moscato Bianco $20/Btl $6

Also known as Canelli, Moscato Bianco (White Muscat) is perfumed with vanilla and menthe. Pale yellow in color and light in character, it pairs delightfully with chocolate and Ameretti di Saronno cookies.